Blockchain Developer and Architect

at Abound LLC
Published January 16, 2024
Location Minneapolis, MN
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Job Type Full-time  



GO WFO is a groundbreaking startup aiming to revolutionize the extreme sports industry. Our project holds the potential to revolutionize the landscape of extreme sports, targeting an industry with up to 400 million enthusiasts, 4 million creators, and approximately $200 billion in transactions.

For the past two years, we have been developing a community network ecosystem with an events management system, multi-vendor merchandise solutions, livestreaming, and other applications and service offerings. We're fully embracing cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, social tokens, and both WFO community and Creator NFT collections.


As an equity-based part-time co-founder, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with our team of exceptional and seasoned co-founders who have pioneered numerous national and international ventures, amassing sales of several hundred million and a capital raise surpassing $500 million.

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The Blockchain Developer role encompasses responsibilities such as spearheading the design and integration of the GO WFO blockchain, focusing on tokenomics, gaming integrations, cross-chain expertise, ensuring top-notch security, testing and auditing, and maintaining performance and scalability. Key requirements for the position include proficiency in Solidity, Rust and other programming languages, deep understanding of blockchain technology, mastery in tokenomics and utilities, and a continuous learning attitude in a dynamic blockchain environment.


  1. Design & Architecture

Help spearhead the GO WFO blockchain's design, development, and deployment including its social token.

Establish secure blockchain protocols and consensus methods.

Strategically guide network topology.

  1. Blockchain Development & Integration

Drive backend development, smart contracts, and interactive Dapp front ends.

Craft, roll out, and refine blockchain features tailored for the WFO community.

Partner with teams to integrate blockchain into the GO WFO platform.

  1. Gaming Integrations

Integrate blockchain-based features into gaming applications.

Implement NFT and token functionality into games.

Ensure high performance and seamless user experience.

  1. Cross-Chain Expertise

Enable cross-chain interoperability between blockchains.

Implement bridges, relays, and other solutions.

Ensure secure transfer of assets between chains.

  1. Testing & Auditing

Perform extensive testing and auditing of smart contracts.

Identify vulnerabilities proactively.

Verify compliance with specifications.

  1. Tokenomics, Utilities & Ecosystem

Shape tokenomics and functionalities, enhancing user value.

Focus on allocation, vesting schedules, and ecosystem growth.

  1. Security & Education

Deploy robust security against threats.

Guide team members in blockchain best practices.

  1. Wallet & Functionalities

Craft and maintain multi-token wallet.

Ensure smooth integrations and utility.

  1. Performance & Scalability

Optimize efficiency of blockchain apps and contracts.

Innovate for future scalability.

  1. Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Maintain blockchain assets.

Resolve technical issues promptly.


  1. Solidity, Rust & Programming

Mastery of Solidity, Rust, C++, JavaScript, Python etc.

Smart contract optimization and debugging skills.

  1. Blockchain Technology & Design

Deep understanding of blockchain architectures and networks.

Knowledge of topologies, security, and consensus protocols.

  1. Tokenomics & Utility Design

Comprehensive tokenomics and utility design experience.

Familiarity with social token capabilities.

  1. Gaming Integrations

Experience with blockchain gaming development.

Knowledge of integrating NFTs, tokens into games.

  1. Cross-Chain Expertise

Hands-on expertise with cross-chain bridges and solutions.

Experience with asset transfers across chains.

  1. Testing & Auditing

Extensive experience testing and auditing smart contracts.

Skilled at identifying code vulnerabilities.

  1. Web Development

Expertise with interactive Dapp front ends.

Integrating blockchain with web apps.

  1. Adaptability & Learning

Excellent problem-solving abilities.

Eagerness to learn emerging blockchain technologies.


We're at the frontier of technology adoption, integrating a community network with innovative elements like blockchain and NFTs to redefine the industry's interaction landscape.


Seize the chance to work alongside international co-founders in a pioneering venture set to redefine the extreme sports sphere. Elevate the user experience with us. Shape the digital future with GO WFO!