at Abound Corporation
Published September 1, 2023
Location Cheyenne, WY
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Job Type Full-time  


Please keep in mind that this is a PART-TIME CO-FOUNDER position (EQUITY COMPENSATION ONLY).


GO WFO is a groundbreaking startup aiming to revolutionize the extreme sports industry. Our project holds the potential to revolutionize the landscape of extreme sports, targeting an industry with up to 400 million enthusiasts, 4 million creators, and approximately $200 billion in transactions.

For the past two years, we have been developing a community network ecosystem with an events management system, multi-vendor merchandise solutions, livestreaming, and other applications and service offerings. We're fully embracing cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, social tokens, and both WFO community and Creator NFT collections.


As a part-time co-founder, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with our team of exceptional and seasoned co-founders who have pioneered numerous national and international ventures, amassing sales of several hundred million and a capital raise surpassing $500 million.

Project Overview: gowfo.com

Instagram: Instagram.com/gowfotv

TV Channel: wfo.tv (in development)


The Full-Stack Developer is responsible for the comprehensive design, coding, testing, and optimization of web and mobile apps, ensuring seamless front-end and back-end integration, database management, and collaboration with UI/UX teams. This role requires expertise in Python, React, Node.js, familiarity with blockchain technologies, experience in API integration, and a strong foundation in database management and software documentation.


Design and Development: Design, code, and test high-quality web and mobile apps.

End-to-end Feature Implementation: Take charge of front-end and back-end development, ensuring seamless integration and smooth user experience.

API Integration: Integrate third-party services and APIs, ensuring functionality aligns with the platform’s needs.

Database Management: Design and manage efficient and scalable databases.

Continuous Optimization: Monitor and improve application performance.

Collaboration: Work with UI/UX designers to implement design into the application.

Stay Updated: Keep abreast with new technology trends.

Maintenance: Troubleshoot, debug, and upgrade software.

Code Review: Ensure high-quality codebase through thorough reviews.

Documentation: Create documentation for software created.


Technical Proficiency: Expertise in Python, React, Node.js, and other relevant frameworks.

Prior Experience: Proven track record in full-stack development.

Blockchain Knowledge: Familiarity with blockchain technologies and Solidity is a plus.

Database Management: Experience with databases like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc.

API Mastery: Experience in API creation and integration.

Tool Familiarity: Experience with Jira for project management.

Adaptive Learning: Ability to quickly learn and implement new technologies.

Problem Solving: Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills.

Communication: Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Educational Background: Degree in Computer Science or a related field.


We're at the frontier of technology adoption, integrating a community network with innovative elements like blockchain and NFTs to redefine the industry's interaction landscape.

???? ???? WHY JOIN US:

Seize the chance to work alongside international co-founders in a pioneering venture set to redefine the extreme sports sphere.  Elevate the user experience with us. Shape the digital future with GO WFO!