Senior Solidity DeFi Developer

at Adoriasoft Inc.
Published May 20, 2023
Location Harrisburg, PA
Category Default  
Job Type Full-time  


We're PrimexLabs OU, a team of top-notch blockchain developers, mathematicians, scientists, and DeFi experts. Now we're developing Primex Finance - the new prime brokerage liquidity protocol for DEX-agnostic, cross-margin trading with trader scoring mechanisms. With Primex, lenders provide liquidity to pools where traders then use it for leveraged trading. This gives lenders the opportunity to earn higher yields compared to lending protocols, as the interest is generated from margin fees and profits of successful trades. The project will be launched on a few EVM chains including ETH L2s. We're working with some of the top VCs in the space, including Stratos Technologies, Coinfund, Hypersphere, Wintermute, GSR, and others. We are currently in the public beta phase, which is available for testing on the Goerli network. Our team is around fifty people with experience since 2016 in blockchain solutions. However, we are looking for a part-time participation experienced solidity developer who is not limited by our internal approaches to consult on the architecture of our product, identify vulnerabilities, optimize gas usage, etc. We are interested in receiving alternative viewpoints and critical assessments of the protocol, so we welcome opponents who can bring new ideas and vision. We are not looking for auditors, but we will appreciate advice on improving our product. And yes, we're not going to poach you from your current company, we need an external rock star to aid us to create a safe and reliable product. Hence, check the details below and feel free to reach out.Requirements 3+ years of experience in Solidity development Good knowledge of Truffle, Open Zeppelin, and Hardhat frameworks Understanding of DeFi mechanisms and building blocks, including liquidity pools, AMMs, and bonding curves Experience with DeFi protocols Deep understanding of ERC-20, ERC- 721, and ERC-1155 Good skills in smart contracts development and resolving security vulnerabilities Experience optimizing gas English - Upper-intermediate or higher Nice to haves: Experience with L2 protocols and sidechains (optimistic and ZK rollups) Experience with Polkadot.js and Substrate Development experience with JavaScript and TypeScript A degree in computer science or a relevant field, or comparable experience Experience with Ethereum testing tools, e.g. Truffle, Embark, HardHat, etc. Experience writing automation tests Understanding of Uniswap, SushiSwap, Aave, Compound Experience auditing smart contracts Responsibilities: Review, test, and optimize the existing architect Research and integrate with existing DeFi/DEX/NFT protocols Review a Solidity code, following the latest design and development patterns Write documentation Research, design, scope, and estimate what you need to do Collaborate with the UI team