Technical Co-Founder

at Identified Talent Solutions
Published January 20, 2024
Location Los Angeles, CA
Category Default  
Job Type Full-time  


What were looking for

Seeking a talented individual to head our engineering team. Given our current scale, we expect this individual to be writing code and leading the engineering charge. They’ll also be in charge of hiring an engineering team (we’ve allocated budget for team build). We have an MVP that we’ve build with outsourced engineers and are looking to bring everything in-house as we scale. This is an incredible opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an industry-defining company.


  • Help guide our overall strategy from a technical point of view
  • Manage the entire software development process from conception to deployment
  • Work with our current technical partners to begin bringing engineering in-house
  • Build and manage a team of engineers
  • Implement repeatable framework to write, build, deploy, and test software
  • Implement systems for platform security and support
  • Create technical documentation to build organizational knowledge
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest in the industry to ensure we’re taking advantage of all technical “building blocks” being created in web3


Past Work

  • Prior experience leading an engineering team at a venture-backed startup
  • Demonstrated ability to think creatively about product roadmap and integration
  • Past experience in eCommerce or Web3 is a plus

Full Stack

  • Front ***** React, Next.js, Alchemy & Moralis, Polaris (Shopify components)
  • Back ***** PHP, Koa js, AWS S3, SES, cloudfront, MySQL, Redis for caching, Shopify SDK, Graphql
  • Basic design ***** Including knowledge of UI/UX and basic prototype design. 3D asset creation and integration a plus but not required
  • ***** Experience working with Nginx or Apache servers with a solid background in Linux


  • Strong knowledge of Ethereum standards and Solidity programming language
  • Ability to integrate and deploy Layer 2 Ethereum protocol solutions
  • Understanding of EVM and its functionality
  • Proven past development of NFT smart contracts
  • A passion for cryptocurrency, NFTs, and blockchain dapps

Project Management

  • Strong communication skills to coordinate with team members, vendors and management
  • Analytical, computer, math and problem-solving skills to be able to use software and to explain the software
  • Organizational skills and time management skills to keep projects on track to the finish
  • Project managing skills to start projects and finish projects successfully